Payment fields in reports or templates

Hello Hillel,

I have a question regarding one of the fields in the payment screen. It seems that the field “Reference of transaction” cannot be included in templates or reports. And it seems to be the only one of that screen which cannot be included. I encode in that field the transaction reference of the transfer as well as the statement number on which the transfer appears. This is useful information to the accountant to reconcile.
Being able to include that field in a report or invoice template would allow me to have the information I encode there printed rather then copying it manually again on each bill for the accountant. Would be a huge timesaver :wink:

So am I overlooking sth or is this field not available to be included in reports/templates? If it’s missing do you think it’s feasible to include it in a coming update so to retrieve this information too?

Many thanks in advance


It’s an oversight, we’ll add it as an optional column in the reports.

Great Hillel,
thanks for including it.
Thumbs up!