Payment Email wrong

When I enter a payment an email is send to the client. But this email is not correct. the number of the invoice is not correct and also not the view button is show. Athough the email I receive Is correct

So this is my template data


Bedankt voor uw betaling van $amount voor factuur $number


The preview looks fine

But the client receive this

while I receive this

But I also get the following email or is this because I set the > dev info


I think the problem is that for the payment email $number will be the payment number.

I believe you can $invoice for the invoice number instead.

$viewButton was indeed wrong. But $invoice I don’t see this in the field below. Only $number. but the preview is ok

but I will try with $invoice

Sorry, I believe it’s $invoices with an ‘s’

$invoice is correct. Still don’t know why I get sometimes the cron job error

Thanks for the update!

Is the cron set to run every minute?


To clarify… are you saying you sometimes see the red triangle error in the app saying the cron needs to be enabled?

image no this is fine

Which error are you seeing?

Was in an email that I got the message

Can you share a screenshot or the exact error message?

@david do you have any suggestions?

Looks like the command isn’t being run by the system. I would check with your host? Perhaps they are blocking ?