Payment Email Coming To Me, Not Client


I have one client in my account that, when their automatic payment processes, the confirmation email comes to my email address, not theirs.

In their customer/client profile, their correct address is listed.

I think, when setting up the automatic payment, etc, I may have temporarily changed their address to mine, in order to test something. But I’ve since changed it back… but the system doesn’t seem to have noticed.

What can I do, so that they start receiving their payment emails?


Taking a stab in the dark here, but try removing all of the contact entries under “Edit Client” (if there’s only one, you might need to just blank out the details), saving the client, then re-adding the contact information.

@Titanfail - thanks! I’ll give that a try! I won’t know if it worked until next month (this client has monthly billing), but I’ll keep my fingers crossed. Appreciate the idea… and hope it works!