Payment email automatically emails all company contacts

Using v5.3.22-C59. When I enter a payment for an invoice (and have selected to “Email payment receipt to the client”), it is automatically emailing every contact for that company, not just the one(s) I have selected when saving the invoice itself. I deal with a few organizations which have a lot of employees doing different things, some of them doing different things with me, so cross-emailing payments is confusing at best. Pretty sure it had not been doing that(?), though I do not have reason to enter payments on a regular basis so I do not know when it started.

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Thanks for letting us know!

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I’ve seen that this has changed, it now only sends an email to the first contact, not to the contacts that say “include in invoice”. It would be nice to have more flexibility in who to email the payments receipts, just like we can do with the invoices.

Edit: Also, to preview the payment receipt email like in the invoice.

Thanks for the feedback!

cc @david