Payment confirmation is not sending to client


if i sent a payment confirmation to a client the client receives no email confirmation. The invoice is sending correctly only the mail with payment confirmation will not be send.

Also if i change the language to german the notification mail still in english.


Thanks for reporting this!

@david any thoughts?

In Settings > Company Details > Defaults - are the switches on for the client payment emails.

In regards to notifications, the defaults are set to the company language

I have the same problem. Settings > Company Details > Defaults, both switches are on.

I also noticed the same thing happening with the Refund Payment function if Send Email is chosen no email is sent.

Brownser console shows “POST: https://xxx.yyy.zzz/api/v1/payments/refund?&email_receipt=true” as called.

Invoices are sent correctly.

i can’t seem to recreate this, are there any errors in the logs?

also may help to check the system_logs table in the database and see if there are any mail server messages.

Thanks for taking the time to write back.

“APP_DEBUG=true” is set in .env. I assume that is the debug flag? I am not well versed in PHP but I noticed in the code that there should be some message printed to the log if the system is trying to send email? None were found.

laravel.log has no unusual entries, mostly:

"[2021-03-29 03:15:06] production.INFO: latest version = 5.1.32
[2021-03-29 03:20:02] production.INFO: latest version = 5.1.32
[2021-03-29 03:25:02] production.INFO: latest version = 5.1.32
[2021-03-29 03:30:01] production.INFO: latest version = 5.1.32
[2021-03-29 03:35:02] production.INFO: latest version = 5.1.32
[2021-03-29 03:40:09] production.INFO: latest version = 5.1.32 "

The last rows of system_logs show Entity PDF generated successfully:

“| 9 | 1 | 1 | 1 | 4 | 50 | 601 | “Entity PDF generated sucessfully => 1” | 2021-03-29 01:07:59.288296 | 2021-03-29 01:07:59.288296 | NULL |
| 10 | 1 | 1 | 1 | 4 | 50 | 601 | “Entity PDF generated sucessfully => 0001” | 2021-03-29 01:08:29.373174 | 2021-03-29 01:08:29.373174 | NULL |”

I switched to QUEUE_CONNECTION=database.

After creating a Invoice and emailing it, I have these on the console after running sudo php artisan queue:listen interactively


[2021-03-31 15:09:56][23] Processing: App\Listeners\Invoice\InvoiceEmailActivity
[2021-03-31 15:09:56][23] Processed: App\Listeners\Invoice\InvoiceEmailActivity
[2021-03-31 15:09:57][24] Processing: App\Listeners\Invoice\InvoiceEmailedNotification
[2021-03-31 15:09:57][24] Processed: App\Listeners\Invoice\InvoiceEmailedNotification


Then if we try to goto Payments, press Email Payment, I have the following as the artisan queue:listen queue.

[2021-03-31 15:10:12][29] Processing: App\Jobs\Util\VersionCheck
[2021-03-31 15:10:13][29] Processed: App\Jobs\Util\VersionCheck
[2021-03-31 15:10:52][30] Processing: App\Listeners\User\UpdateUserLastLogin
[2021-03-31 15:10:52][30] Processed: App\Listeners\User\UpdateUserLastLogin
[2021-03-31 15:10:52][31] Processing: App\Listeners\Activity\PaymentUpdatedActivity
[2021-03-31 15:10:52][31] Processed: App\Listeners\Activity\PaymentUpdatedActivity

Note that no email related function is shown.

Not sure whats going on here.

Hi All, I’m running into the same issue for only payment confirmation. Currently running v5.5.5-C88 and all settings are showing that they should be sent.

Any help would be appreciated!


anything in the logs? storage/logs/laravel.log

also, in the activities tab, is there any information about the sending success of this email?

@david Thanks for the quick reply!

There’s nothing in either of those places.

Only thing in the laravel.log is confirmation of the automated reminder emails:
[2022-08-09 00:00:02] production.INFO: updating currencies
[2022-08-09 06:00:01] production.INFO: Performing Autobilling 2022-08-09 06:00:01

I was having the same problem except only for invoice emails. Payment emails and all other emails were going through. No errors in any logs.

Turns out that in the database, the invoice_invitations table was missing all the KEY and CONSTRAINT fields and the id was set to 0 on all rows. Invoice emails started working after I fixed it

I’ve never had an issue with invoice emails only the payment ones but I did check the database to be sure. I do have KEY field but not CONSTRAINT and the id’s are correct.

Not sure if the CONSTRAINT field is needed/part of the issue and what the values should be.

Just wanted to check if there were any more insights to this - I’ve updated to the latest version and the confirmations still aren’t going out for manual payment entries. Even though they are turned on in the settings. Thanks for any help you might be able to offer!