Payfast error

Self hosted - installed via softaculous

I installed payfast gateway. Payment works but returned to invoice ninja with error -

Payfast: [curl] 60: SSL certificate problem: self signed certificate in certificate chain [url]

payment info not passed through to invoice ninja.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Maybe this will help…

Hi Neil

Could you fix the error? I am having the same problem in the sandbox with Payfast self hosted. I tried to implement the fix suggested by Hillel, but it did not work.

I am also getting the error “Payfast:Missing PDT or ITN variables” when live, self hosted. This error I also got when using the hosted version. The payment does actually go through, but the invoice is not marked as Paid, and one does not get an email saying the invoice was paid. Payfast does send you an email that the payment went through, and it reflects on Payfast.

I asked Payfast if they could help, but they just said it is not their software.

Any help appreciated.

I think it may be a server configuration issue, the payment driver is working for other users.

Hello Hillel and Snoopy
No cannot get to work - but we are still trying. Both payfast and my hosting provider tried to assist.
At the moment it looks like a re-direct issue via shared hosting.
(payfast - The best piece of information we can offer would be that we do not usually send information in the ITN if the security check fails or if there is a redirect.)

Out of desperation I tried the trial for the paid option but that aslo returns errors so Hillel a think the problem is bit bigger than it seems. (Payfast: There was an error processing your payment [NB]. Please try again later)
The payment does go through on payfast side and is updated on inoice ninja side. The error is neverless serious as it appears for customers as not going through.

Using ITN i can also not find what the proper return url for invoiceninja should be?

You can try yourdomain/complete as a return URL.

I think the fix would need to be made to the Omnipay driver we’re using:


Strange that this would just affect us.

My Hosting company says:
I can see that the SSL Issue does not seem to be with XXXXXXX servers instead it’s with the Payfast sandbox server who is currently using a self-signed SSL certificate.
Please request that the Payfast enables a valid SSL certificate.
Once this has have been rectified Payfast should work as per norm.

Payfast says:
As much as the error makes mention of PayFast, the issue is on Invoice Ninja’s end. Unfortunately, Invoice Ninja is not developed by PayFast and we can not assist with any queries with regards to issues on their end.

That said, when I make payment for a live Invoice it get the error Payfast:Missing PDT or IDT variables

The Payment does go through, and it reflects on Payfast, but the error still shows on the side of the client, who will be confused. The Invoice is also not marked as paid, and there is no confirmation of payment invoice.

In the hosted environment the payment went through, reflected on Payfast, received a Payment of invoice email from Invoice Ninja, but showed this error. I could not use the system like that, and that is why I opted for the self hosted environment.

Error on Invoice

Like Hillel said, so many people are using this successfully, I would think it is a matter of settings on my side, rather than changing the scripts.

If anybody has an answer, it would be great.

The last error you mentioned has been reported by other users, I think the issue is with the Omnipay driver.

Thank you
I am confused has to how Omnipay relates to Invoice Ninja. Where can we get support (willing to pay for assistance with both issues)

Invoice Ninja uses a third-party library called Omnipay to support our payment integrations, it enables us to write a single code integration to support all the many gateways we support.

Some times the gateway APIs can change causing a driver to fail, when this happens we rely on the third-party developers to implement a fix.

Hi Neilglenn

Please email me at . Maybe we can collaborate, because I also really need a fix too.

Thank you.


I have paid somebody to have a look into this and fix the problems, so I am hoping for the best.

Payfast was under the impression that Invoice Ninja was proprietary software. They did not know it was open source, only when I sent then the link yesterday. If they knew it could perhaps have been fixed by now.

For a short while we thought the answer was that we did not include the Payfast pdtkey, but this was discontinued as a method, and not the answer.

I really want this fixed, so hold thumbs.

Thank you.