Pay one invoice in two parts

Hi! I have a client who would like to pay me with two different credit cards for one invoice. (ex. The invoice is $540, and she wants to pay that amount with two different credit cards.) How can this be done?


One option may be to set a value for partial/deposit on the invoice.

Thank you. If I set up partial/deposit on the invoice, will they still be able to make the two payments at one time? Or will that be like setting up monthly payments?

They would be able to make one payment after the other.

That’s great! Last questions - would I need to send the invoice again with the partial deposit at the top? And are there any other settings I’d need to change in order to make sure that function works properly on their end?

Once the deposit is paid the client can immediately pay the remaining balance.

Thanks. What I mean is if I already sent them an original invoice and did not have the partial/deposit filled in, then do I need to make the invoice again?

You can edit the existing invoice