Passwords stopped working

When I first set this up the client password worked. He could access the invoices from the EMailed links.
Now links do not work. And the password does not work. This happens even if I create the client fresh, they get eMailed the invoice link and the password. But the password does not work.

Additional information… When I go to the link it prompts me for the email address and password. Not just the password. If I try to login it does not work. If I try to reset the password it says the EMail address does not match any of the records.

Okay so I do not have the ability to delete my prior posts and start over. It turns out I had set a URL for use with a Portal in the settings. I did this EVERY TIME I reinstalled so the problem kept following me around.

(Very frustrating that there is no mention next to this setting of the chaos it can cause)

This is now resolved. I found a single post of someone else who got trapped by this and resolved it.