Password Protect Client Login

So I’ve saw this article

However, after following the step I’m not getting asked for a password. Also does this password protech the whole customer client area for reach customer? Can they not access there dashboard until they enter in there password?

Are these customer considered “users” by the system. Instead of clicking on a link to access there dashboard, can they just login to there account via there email and password to access the dashboard

When you add a password and send an invoice, it will send a link to that particular client’s dashboard along with the password. You can also get that link by going into the client info page and selecting “View in Portal”, which will be the page the client goes to in order to input their password.

Once setup that way, the client will only be able to view their dashboard after logging in with the password you supplied to them, but they’ll need to use the specific link you gave them as well. It will be something in the form of http://your.url/client/dashboard/<long_string_of_characters>.

Thanks @Titanfail, great info!

It’s worth adding to test you’ll want to use a different browser, with a default setup your admin login will give you automatic access to the client portal.

Titanfail and Hillel thank you for you feed back.

So what I’m here from you is there is now way create a URL like The clients can go to that URL login to there portal to access all of there invoices? Why does a customer have to always lick the link in the email to access the client portal?

Also is there a way to prevent the account password from being emailed to them? That is a massive security risk. In todays cyber security thief landscape why are we still email passwords in insecure emails?

Do clients have the ability to reset the password themselves? If not is this on the road map to build out?

If you enable the password feature you can share a single URL that all clients can use to login to the portal.

You need to uncheck “Generate Automatically” on Settings > Client Portal.

Clients can reset their own password.

Thanks for the clarifications, Hillel. I had completely forgotten that you get a client login URL from the settings page, and that getting a long string in the URL there is from having multiple companies on the same instance.