Password Error on Self-Hosted

In attempting to correct an issue, I logged out of my Invoice Ninja installation only to find that I now cannot log back in. I use a password manager and know my credentials are correct, in this case however the error reads more like it’s attempting to save a new password as it says “Password must contain an upper case character and a number”–I’ve confirmed I’m on the main login screen, not setting a password. Additionally, my current password contains both of these conditions already.

Realized after submitting this that my login Secret was highlighted–assuming this is where the error was I have updated the secret, only to be told now that my secret is incorrect. Do I need to do something to get Invoice Ninja to see the updated .env?

Resolved this, just had to take time to sort through it (I’m not used to working with Laravel projects). I ended up remoting into the server, clearing my server cache and reloading the config. The secret password criteria must have been updated sometime after my last login as it’s the first time running into this issue.

Edit: for others not used to Laravel, I ran the following commands on the server to get this resolved (after updating the .env):

php artisan cache:clear
php artisan config:clear
php artisan route:clear