Pass quote number to invoice automatically


When converting a quote to an invoice, is there a way to automatically pass the quote number to the invoice?

For example, a sentence like “according to quote no. 44”



Are you using the share quote/invoice counter?

The system does attempt to recycle the quote numbers when converted if it can work out the pattern.

Hello @david, thanks for your response.

I don’t use the share quote/invoice counter.

I need incremental numbers for quote and invoices separately.

But just want the quote number to appear in the invoice, so my clients know what quote is attached to what invoice.

Sorry I don’t speak english well.
Hope my question is clear enough.


We can’t support converting quote number => invoice unless the counter is shared, it would be impossible to prevent collisions of numbers otherwise.

To me it sounds like they want to show the invoice number on the quote, this may be possible if we expose it as a variable, ie. $quote.invoice_number (which would be quote.invoice.number).

Hello @hillel and @david , and thank you for your help!
I’m having a hard time expressing what I want to achieve in English.
So I recorded a short video to show you what I am trying to do:
Is it possible to automatically add the number of the accepted quote on the invoice?
Thank you

hi @Alex1

Yes this is supported

In Settings > Workflow > Quotes

Turn on Automate convert… this was when approved the invoice is generated immediately.

Hi @david
Thank you for your help