Partial Refunds Not Working


When testing partial refunds in Invoice Ninja I am refunding on invoice applied to the payment. When processing the refund I am seeing the total refund amount on the payment increased by the amount but the Paid To Date amount on the invoice still includes the payment amount. The balance due is correct on the invoice.

Another thing I am seeing is on the non-refunded invoice the status is updated to Partial even though that invoice is still fully paid. When I go back to refund the invoice amount I get the following error:

422: The given data was invalid.
• Invoice id: number cannot be refunded

Thank you,

Cameron Williams


@david do you have any thoughts?


I’m not able to recreate, steps i am doing.

Create invoice for $100,
Create a payment of $100
Create a refund of $50

I see balance due as $50 and paid to date of $50

If you want to send an email to with the invoice number affected for you, we can take a deeper look for you.