Partial refund results in partial missing payment in invoice

Needed to make a partial refund on an invoice. Now in the client portal and admin portal it shows as partial payment with a balance due of the amount that was refunded.

Anyway to fix this?

Thank You.

Wanted to add though that my payment processing did fortunately refund only the partial refund and my payments section shows the partial refund with the right amount. It’s only in the invoice section that it’s showing the wrong number. Should I apply a credit or lower the cost of that particular item to match the refund on the invoice?

Thanks, I love Invoice Ninja to bits and appreciate all the hard work!

Resolved it for future reference to other users:

I went back into the invoice and changed the line item unit cost on the partially refunded item to match the amount minus the partial refund.

That zeroed out the balance due.

I then selected more actions and selected “mark paid”

Additionally I added a document to the invoice outlining where the refund comes from for the client and my future reference. (optional)

I actually like this much more than it automatically zero’ing out the balance. Makes referencing why patial refund was given considerably easier! Just wish it didn’t show up as a manual entry payment of $0.00 under payments but I can live with that.

I’m not sure I understand the problem, if a payment is partially refunded shouldn’t the refunded amount be added back to the invoice balance?

If for say you’re taking a deposit on an invoice item and need to refund part of it later then you wouldn’t want the invoice to show a balance again.

figured there would just be a new field under Total: saying refund with the amount and a final balance field below that adjusted accordingly. Payments section handles it much like this, thought the invoice would also. Additionally in the client portal that invoice now shows a balance which might confuse some clients.

In either case its not a bother to go and adjust the quote accordingly for the respective invoice item refunded (partially) and mark it as paid again. In fact I kinda appreciate this as my account is very detailed (the attachments section is a god send!)