Partial Payments

Is there a way to allow customers to make partial payments on Invoices?
after each payment the balance would update.
or is there a work around for something like this?


You can accomplish this by setting a value for Partial\Deposit on the invoice.

Is there a way for the client to choose the amount they wish to pay?

When I enter an amount into the partial/deposit field on the invoice, this amount shows as the new payment amount when passed to PayPal. There appears to be no way for the client to change this amount anywhere in the process. I’m needing this opened up so the client can enter a different amount.

I’m not sure if I need to look in my PayPal account to change something or on the Invoice Ninja side to change something.

Sorry, we don’t support the client setting the amount they want to pay.

I just did this while sat with a client. We agreed a deposit (it was 250) and I reduced it to 200 as we agreed and accepted on their behalf.

Yes, not a perfect solution but that drop of 50 Euros got me the deal and they still end up paying the balance anyway, just over an extra month that’s all.

Any movement toward this feature? This would be a pretty critical item for us. I’d love to see it implemented.

Sorry, we don’t plan to implement this change.

That’s a real shame. This is a great tool that you’ve clearly put a lot of work into, but without the ability for users to drive their own installment payments, we’re going to have to find another solution.

Yes. If you are collecting requests on this, I need this feature as well. I have customers who cannot pay their entire invoices, and I need them to be able to choose an amount they can pay. For me to go in and manage a deposit for each invoice, and continue to update that is not feasible. If I could enter an ongoing monthly amount to pay the invoice might be an option, but that is not going to cover the entire range of situations. For me, I could really use this feature as well.

:slight_smile: - Thanks!