Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '$value' (T_VARIABLE)

Hi Guys,

As this is a great software i recommend the self host to a client of mine, he loved the look of it but i am having an issue with it.

I have just installed a fresh install on the server and getting this error -

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '$value' (T_VARIABLE) in /home/vqmokcct/(removed to protect client identity)/vendor/aws/aws-sdk-php/src/functions.php on line 36

See picture what is on this…


I can also confirm i am running 5.6 php

Any ideas??

This is most likely a PHP version issue.

You may want to create a phpinfo page to double check the version.

Yep you was right Hillel, i managed to sort it out by changing the php version.

Great, thanks for letting us know!

I’m receiving the same error. We are running PHP Version 7.0.20 so this shouldn’t cause any problems.

What else can we check to solve the error?

The only cause for the issue we’ve seen is the PHP version.

Sometimes the server is configured with two separate PHP versions: one for the web server and one for the CLI. You may want to create a phpinfo page to check.

Thank you for your answer!

Running /opt/plesk/php/7.0/bin/php […]/artisan ninja:send-invoices instead of /usr/bin/php […]/artisan ninja:send-invoices solved my problem!