Paid Invoice Refund, why changed to unpaid?

Refunding invoices function is definitely not a very good way to track refunded invoices.

When an invoice is paid it’s marked as paid. However when it’s marked as paid and a refund is issued for the full amount, the invoice switches back to unpaid or past due…if you don’t catch this on time, the customer will then get notifications for an outstanding invoice even though it’s been refunded. Not very practical, and it looks very unprofessional on our end.

On the client portal side, once refund has been issued for that invoice, it also switches to unpaid or past due…not cool. There is a refund note under the payments tab as it should, however nothing correlating to the invoice it self. Why? Shouldn’t the invoice be marked as paid and refunded? How are we to track these refunds on our invoice page? Deleting is not an option, nor is marking them manually as paid (again) as it’s going to screw up our total revenue numbers.

This is a pretty big deal. What do you recommend for me to do in this situation?
Please, I’m looking for some answers on this from IN.

This is by design, if a payment is refunded the invoice is considered unpaid.

One option may be to manually mark the invoice as paid and then create a credit note (clone the invoice and make the amount negative) to correct the revenue numbers.

If it’s by design, how do you suggest I deal with the Statement that still indicates a “balance due” after a refund? My client will have access to incorrect info. This seems like an overlook, and if you ask me not a very good design. It should be intuitive, if an invoice is fully refunded it should indicate as refunded with a balance of $0, not unpaid.

Regarding the suggested option, it may correct my revenue numbers but with a clone I would now have two unpaid invoices making my customers statement even more of a mess. So problem not solved.

Pardon my stern response as I am frustrated with an unreliable feature that I’m paying for.

I think we’ll have to agree to disagree, if a payment is refunded I believe the invoice balance should be set back to the invoice total. Otherwise, once a payment is refunded the client wouldn’t be able to pay the invoice.

If you add a manual payment and a credit note both both invoices would be marked as paid.