Pagenumber / pagecount

This topic came up already a couple of times.
I can select left, right or center in my invoice-design and in the designer and pdf-preview pagenumber and count show up accordingly.
But there is no hint on how to style that. Positionwise it does not care about my page-margins. and for font-styling i don’t know the selector.
On top of that (and that’s the real bummer) any info about pagenumber / pagecount gets totaly lost when i download the pdf or email the document to a customer.


@david can you please advise?

I cannot recreate the issue of the page numbering / count not displaying

Is shown now that i managed to get snappdf working.
The Issue with stylability remains though.

I have the same problem. Page-counter is outside of printing area and should be stylable. :frowning:
Playing around with margins and paddings of @page, html or body did not help in any way. I’m out of ideas.

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