$pageNumber and $pageCount are not working in the Footer

I’ve been using Self-Hosted for a while now, and I only noticed this month that the bottom of my invoices literally say “Page $pageNumber of $pageCount”. I’m hoping this can be fixed, because it used to work as expected. It seems to have stopped working in May. I’ve updated to v4.5.45 and the issue still persists.


Is it possible you had a white label license but it’s since expired? I believe this feature may be connected to it due to being in the invoice footer.

Yes, my white-label license has indeed expired. Are $pageCount/$pageNumber a white-label feature?! If so, then my issue isn’t a bug.

That’s correct, this feature depends on an active white label license. This is related to keeping the branding in the footer, the code is all connected.

Actually I think it’s a bug - I’m whitelabeled (active) and it doesn’t work for me either, and there is an open issue on Github about this:

$pageNumber and $pageCount don’t work · Issue #6521 · invoiceninja/invoiceninja (github.com)

In v5 it’s a bug, in v4 it’s a limitation.

Oops, sorry, I did not notice the version of the app the thread was related too!