P&L and Other Reports

Hi, how do I get preformatted P&L reports? I have been using Wave Apps and they have a basic yet formatted P&L report. Where in Invoice Ninja does that exist?


There is a profit and loss option in the reports section

Correct, I see that. However it has no formatting or any sort of standard P&L layout. Can custom reports be written by Invoice Ninja to get it in the proper format?

The columns in the report can be changed but the app doesn’t support custom reports.

If you can specify the changes you’re looking for we can consider implementing them in the app.

I got it. Mainly just formatting and subtotals with a revenue section that includes revenue (ideally types of revenue), operating expense section, net income section which is revenue minus operating expenses.

Would a
be nice if the income section could be broken out by types of income. I created product custom categories to separate sales of products, sales of subscriptions, sales of services, etc.

Something along these lines would be a big help.

Have you tried grouping by the custom column, it should provide a per-category breakdown.

I think part of the challenge here is that Wave is an accounting app whereas Invoice Ninja is an invoicing app. If you’re able to use custom fields to handle this that would be great, happy to try to fill in any gaps.

I see. Yeah makes sense. Many aspects of Invoice Ninja are ahead of Wave given it’s meant as an invoicing app and has many more CRM type fields.

I did think of grouping, however when I run the invoice item or the profit and loss report, I don’t see the product grouping custom field in there.

Is there a way I can get the invoice item data or the profit loss report to show a custom field that I created on the product record?

The custom product fields should be available in the invoice item report.

We aren’t able to add it to the P&L report because they’re showing different data, it’s showing the payments rather than the line items.

I checked that- I don’t see custom product fields on the Invoice Item Report (only custom invoice fields). I think if I could get the custom product field on that report, it would almost solve my issue…

Have you tried adding the custom fields? The invoice item report should show the custom line item/product fields not the custom invoice fields.

I do see it now. I didn’t realize it was called Custom 1 not the name I gave it. I also see many Blank entries,69 of them. It appears those are categorized items that aren’t classified under my custom grouping.