overview worked hours / day / week / month

How can we see how many hours is logged each day
now we must go to a task and click on detail to see the worked hours on a task
but how can we see how much we worked on a day basis/ week / …

We don’t currently provide a good solution for this, we hope to improve it in the future…

Note: the Tasks report would be better than checking each task however it doesn’t currently include totals.

Actually, you can see the totals in the Tasks report by making sure “Group When Sorted” is checked and then sorting by the date.

Hi, this feature will be helpfull for a large audience.
Is it possible to add it very soon ?

We’ll do what we can…

Agreed, we’ll look into correcting it.

Thanks for letting us know, we’ll make sure it’s corrected.

I’m having trouble reproducing the error.

Can you post:

  • The task start/end datetime
  • The report range start/end datetime

Thanks, I’d need to see the task details. You can get them with this SQL query:

select time_log from tasks where project_id = <your project id>

Thanks, I think this change should help:


Great to hear, thanks for letting us know!

The original question of a new report to see how many hours worked a day accross tasks and projeccts will this also be implemented ?
The query isn’t so difficult.

We don’t have immediate plans to add it but it’s possible it will be added in the future.

Hi i really need that feature
So how many hours a day is worked accross all projects and tasks

We’ve added a new task details report in the next major version (v4.6).