Overpayment and Credit

I have a client who paid more than the invoice total, but the payment form doesn’t let me add the amount they paid, only the total or less.

So I added a credit for the extra amount to their account, but it doesn’t show in the balance on the client dashboard.

Does anyone know how this should work in practice please?

The credit amount should be displayed under ‘Standing’ at the top of the client page.

Do you see the credit listed in the credits data table?

Hi Hillel, yes I do see it. But its not in the client portal anywhere, including the balance on the dashboard.

I’d have expected the credit to show for the client, and the balance to include this credit.

Also it doesn’t seem possible to record overpayment of invoices.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

That’s true, we’ll look into adding credits to the client portal in a future release.

Sorry, we don’t have plans to support over payments. You’ll need to create credits to track the additional amounts.

Splendid, thanks Hillel. Keep up the good work.

If anyone is interested, for now I’m recording this as a part payment of the next invoice to the client, rather than a credit.