Over payment and under payment

Previously, v4, an over payment automatically created a credit. That doesn’t happen in V5. Is there a way to turn this on in v5? Right now I have a payment that says “Pending” because i manually created a payment then applied it to an invoice it didn’t cover. So I have to remember this payment is out there and use that to their next invoice.

Secondly, we have clients who pay from multiple accounts for 1 invoice. v4, i would apply one payment, which calculated the new balance for the invoice. Then I could process the second payment. Now it just says:

I have tried turning on underpayment setting, that didn’t change anything.


In v5 an unapplied payment is similar to a credit in v4.

The under payment setting only applies to the client portal. You can fix the error by leaving the top payment amount field blank. You can also hide that field by disabling the ‘apply payment later’ option.