"Outstanding" on dashboard

What’s the math that goes into for this number on the dashboard?

My gut says it should be the total of all unpaid invoices, but that math is wrong on my install.

I have two unpaid invoices: $439 & $136.50
My “Oustanding” is $400.35

I can’t figure out what math is adding to that total.

One of my clients has $399.25 in credit, but that doesn’t add up to the total in any way, either.

Maybe there are archived clients/invoices also being included?

That would make sense if the total were higher than what I’m seeing, no?

As is, the Outstanding total is less than the sum of my two u paid invoices.

What do you see if you run the invoices report filtered by ‘unpaid’

The same two invoices that show as unpaid on the Dashboard.

One for $439 and one for $136.5

Sorry, I’m not sure. Any you’ve made manual changes to the database?

Nope. No manual changes to anything.

Maybe try exporting the invoices to check what you see.

Nothing out of the norm there. There’s only two unpaid invoices, and their total is not what’s shown as “Outstanding”.

Can you explain the math behind that number? That might point me to look at something I’m overlooking now.

Ok, the math is definitely wrong there. Here’s what I found after digging through some stuff:

I sent a client an invoice for $500. They paid it. I applied a $500 credit to their account.
They had an outstanding invoice balance of $38.65, which I paid with their new credit.

A new client then has a new invoice for $439.00

$439.00 (client a) - $38.65 (client b, completely unrelated to client A’s invoice) = $400.35 which is what’s shown on the dashboard.

So it seems like the “outstanding” is subtracting the payment made to Client B’s invoice (due last month) from the total owed on Client A’s invoice, due this month.

That seems wrong to me.

If I delete that Credit applied to Client B’s invoice, my “outstanding” is correct. But then I have an invoice that’s actually paid, but isn’t showing as paid, because of the credit issue.

The math in the Outstanding calculation is definitely doing something wrong.

I’m not sure, if a client paid an invoice and you then create a credit and use it to pay an invoice it would double count the revenue.

That still doesn’t explain the math I’m seeing, though.

The black number on the left of Outstanding should be all outstanding invoices, right?

If so, mine should show $575.5, the sum total of the two invoices I currently show in Unpaid invoices.

If I add a test payment to either of the open invoices, the Outstanding goes down (as I’d expect). But it seems like the initial total is wrong, but I don’t know how or why, since I don’t know what math is going into it and what it should be counting.

It should include the total balance of active/archived sent invoices.

Then something’s definitely broken.

Here’s my Active, Archived and Unpaid invoices: https://take.ms/ptNkw
Here’s my Dashboard: https://take.ms/zna78

If what you’re saying is right (which it seems like it is), the total on the left should be $575.5

Should I just ignore this and hope it fixes itself as invoices get paid? I’m worried the more invoices I add, the worse it’s going to get.

I suggest adding a new blank company and seeing if you can figure out the steps to replicate the problem.

I tried the exact same thing and I can’t make it do the same thing, no matter what I do.

I’m going to just hope it fixes itself at some point in the future.

I found the issue.

One of the invoices’ totals for Client A shows in Client B’s ledger: https://take.ms/ypVLx

That $461.35 is not on invoice #2018-0965. That invoice’s total was $68.85, which was paid by credit.

So, somehow, Invoice Ninja accredited the wrong amount on that invoice, which is throwing off all the subsequent balances for this client.

How can I fix that?

I’m not sure, I would guess delete it and them recreate it.

This has led me down a hole and on a wild goose chase.

Somehow the math is wrong, and there’s an extra payment in the client’s account somewhere.

I’ve tried deleting the payment, but then they have an invoice unpaid.

I’m just going to go into the database and zero out their account, because no matter what I do through the UI, the balance is wrong when I apply a correct payment.

Ok, I fixed that. But now I’m back to why the “Outstanding” is wrong.

See my screenshot: https://take.ms/Ft7f3

Shouldn’t the number on the LEFT of Outstanding be all outstanding invoices?

You can see there’s two unpaid under “Upcoming”, that total more than the Outstanding total. Why is that?