Order of invoiced tasks are not chronologically

Hey there,

in the latest Invoice Ninja 5.1.6 I tested invoicing tasks an discovered that they are put in the invoice by order of being logged and not by date. This is very confusing. I would find it helpful if there were a sorting by date or a operator in the interface (e.g. in custom fields β€œ=”) to change order. What do you think?!

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Thanks for the feedback!

Are you creating the invoice from a project?

Hi @hillel, yes – I created from project. I created a invioce with the firste two entries and added the last two task afterwards. These should show up earlier, even if I logged them after creating the invoice.

Understood, thanks! We’ll look into it…

hi @hillel, for tasks with a single logged time, sorting chronologically would be easy.

But I see the problem creating an order/sorting when multiple times are logged per task.
Sort them by ceiling means earliest date within taks, sort by bottom means latest date, or divide task with multiple logged dates via option.

I’ve made some changes related to this is the next version, hopefully it’s improved.

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