Order confirmation and delivery bills

we are using invoiceplane for quite some time but the development seems stuck.
So I just started to look at invoice ninja and it looks very promising and supports several features I was missing like decent access rights for different accounts to view or create certain things (either quotes or products).

However, we also need “order confirmations” and “delivery bills”. I think invoiceNinja also does not support these?
With invoiceplane I was able to tweek the templates for quotes to actually output an order confirmation, when the state of the quote changed to “accepted”.

Are there any plans in regards to these two kind of documents within invoiceNinja?
Any thoughts on this?

Thanks a lot


The app supports converting an invoice to a delivery note.

You may be able to use custom designs to achieve this.


Thanks a lot for the hint!

We usually send the delivery note before the invoice. Also an invoice may contain physical goods and services. So the delivery note would only contain the physical goods, not the services.

…just to give you an idea about our use case.
Thanks a gain

I’ve got the same problem as cornelinux and want now to edit the delivery note design.
When editing the invoice design (Settings → Invoice Design → Customize & Preview → Edit) I’m getting a preview of the invoice. Is there a possibility to get also a preview for the delivery note?

@david @ben any thoughts on this?

It could be possible, you can add it as a feature request on github.