Options to print or PDF reports?

I’ve been looking for an option to print a report or PDF, but I guess there’s not an option at this point.
The print function of the browser is not helpful either, since the web app doesn’t allow selection of the report table either. The only options I found was either screenshot the table and paste in a doc, or export the csv and format it in a spreadsheet app.

My intent was to have a printout of all payments received for tax record keeping.
Do I miss an option here?
Otherwise a super cool app and being able to track time and invoicing is much more important than those book keeping features - but I though I ask …


This isn’t currently supported, feel free to create an issue to request the feature:

Note: we recently added support for scheduling client statements to be emailed, we plan to add support for scheduling reports to be emailed as well.

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Not a top priority on my end either but I will post it as a feature request.

However, you bring up a possible workaround (at least for people with fewer clients like me). The Client Statement mask allows me to do the same (to the most part).

The issue I noticed there - not sure if it is by design - is that Payments are apparently pulled by the date for the connected invoices (or maybe their due date) and not actually when they were paid.
I would have expected that payments listed in the statement use the payment date as a qualifier to show up in the quarterly/annual listings.
This is an issue for tax purposes since a payment made this year does not to be taxed for last years income.

Can you let me know if this is a bug or by design?

@david can you please advise?


The client statement uses the invoice dates. As it is essentially an aging report for the client, not your business.

For your records you may need a different report depending if you are cash/accrual accounting where you want to generate a report of actual Payments in a period.