Options/alternatives on a quote

How do I offer alternatives in the line items that don’t add up to an overall total - say I provide option A and it will cost X then create another line item called option B which will cost Y - the client needs to choose which option he wants not pay a total for both


You can create payment links in the settings to enable your clients to choose between optional products.

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That sounds awesome wish I knew how to do that because my only other option is to create a whole separate quote which is going to annoy my client

You need to click ‘Create’ on Settings > Payment Links, you can then configure the optional products.

Note: this would create an invoice, not a quote. We’d need to add that as an optional setting.

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I appreciate the suggestion but I can’t figure it out - I created a payment link and added it with the + in the quote editor and it shows up as a line item but still adds to the total and subtotal - maybe Im just not smart enough but Ive been using IJ for my business for years, I don’t know why this never came up before

I’m sorry, I don’t understand what you mean by “added it with the + in the quote editor”. That sounds like you created a product, not a payment link.