Optional items on payment link subscriptions

Just wondering the current or possible future ability of the Optional items on payment links, they seem to only appear once the user has paid a payment link and views it under their client portal subscriptions.

It would be nice if I set Optional items in the same group, that they would just be offered somewhere in the initial payment link workflow… or am I missing something and it does that? In the current method I dont see how the client would ever see it if they only paid and started their subscription… they would need to go back in to the subscription page after starting it to see the recommended optional items.


If you add /v2 to the end of the payment link URL you should see the optional items.

Note: we’re currently working on v3 of payment links which will be more flexible.

Ok, I had seen your post on that before, but it didn’t work on self-hosted for me, so that v2 is only for IN hosted?

It should work on hosted and selfhosted