Option to send invoice to multiple e-mail addresses

Would it be possible to send an invoice to multiple e-mail addresses, seperated by commas or semicolons ?

You can send the invoice to multiple email addresses by adding additional contacts, or are you referring to the ‘BCC Email’ feature?

Sorry should have been more clear about this : I would like to enter multiple e-mail addresses in the client’s e-mail field, so that when I click ‘Send invoice’ it sends it to multiple people at the client. A lot of clients have like invoicing@client.com and a person you need to send to for your project.

You would need to add the email addresses as additional contacts.

Hillel, is it possible to send one invoice to two separate clients? If so, could you explain the process. I haven’t been able to figure out how to do this.
Thank you!

An invoice can only belong to one client.

You can send it to two email addresses by adding a second contact.

How can I add a second contact to an invoice? It’s doesn’t seem clear to me.

Click ‘edit client’ and then ‘add contact’

Hillel, if I send an invoice to the customer. then the customer receives 2 e-mail from me. 1 of my own the other with invoiceninja logo

is my question you can also disable that the customer gets 1 mail

thanks in advance

The app should send one email to the user and one email to the client, if you use your email as a test client you’d receive both emails.

thanks sorry for the inconvenience

So cool. This is a crazy cool program. Good job development team!