Option to get bonus payment


New here on Forum but using InvoiceNinja since 2 years now. I was wondering if there is any option or any trick to enable my clients to pay bonus payment (Tip) along with the invoice that I send?

Looking forward to the replies.



This feature has been added in v5, it can be enabled on Settings > Online Payments.

Thanks for the response. I installed it using Softaculous on my subdomain. Not sure which version I’m using but how should I update it to v5?

I couldn’t find that option under “Online Payments” so I’m probably on older version.


v5 is still in beta, once it’s stable (in a few weeks) it will be available through Softaculous.

Okay. So, will I get the update notification on my cPanel just like we get for WordPress updates?

Sorry, I’m not sure.