Open Links in new Tab/Window

Hi there,

is it possible to open eg. Invoices in new Browser Windows/Tabs? Can i escape the single Page Application?

I found no way as the Buttons are no href links, where i could “open in new tab” from context menu.
Some times i like to have more information on severals tabs to copy and paste texts…

Regards Java-Jim

It doesn’t seem like you can escape the single-page design (V4 is better for that with hard links). But, no matter what, in V5 you can just load your whole site in another tab (or more) and keep that thing open for reference. It’s possible.

Thank you, this would be the solution. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey there.

I believe we plan to support this in upcoming versions.

Am I correct, @hillel?

We don’t have immediate plans for this but it’s possible once we support deep-linking we could add an “open in new tab” option.

I will open two tabs, if i need. So for me it is solved.
But it could be helpful to support this open in new… especially for the pdfs, to review several before sending them out.

You can use the client portal link to view the PDF in a new tab, does that work?

in the client portal there is href link, that can be opened by open in new window. So yes there it works.

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Thanks for letting us know that it worked. We’re definitely considering implementing this in future. :tada: