open balance and discounts

invoice with a discount per line. ( set a a negative tax)
Name Rate Type
Discount -14.000% Exclusive


product1 Discount 14% 7.65 15 Discount 14% $114.75
product2 Discount 14% 7.19 50 Discount 14% $359.50

Subtotal $474.25
Shipping & handling: 0.00
Tax Discount -14% $-66.39
Tax $0.00

and in the client portal the discount (66.39) shows as open balance.

Open Balance

what to do?

how to upload screenshots?


Can you replicate the problem or is it only affecting this invoice?


Create a proforma
add each product in proforma with a discount ( the negative tax).

Amount without discount: X

The proforma TOTAL amount is Y

Then the proforma is converted into invoice.

Then in the menu “Payments” a payment was created for the amount Y

The system marked invoice as partially paid and the client has an open balance for the discount amount: X - Y visible in the client portal.

another thing that might
if we create a payment for amount X for that invoice then the balance is shown as -X ( so it changes from X to -X)

Thanks, I see the problem. It looks like the issue occurs when using negative line item taxes as line item discounts.

We’ll make sure this is fixed in our next release.

If you’re self hosting here’s the fix if you want to patch the code.

thanks we patched

Subtotal $474.25
Discount -14% $-66.39
Total $-66.39

show balance due as the amount of the discount. for old invoices
what do you suggest we should do to have the total to be 0

for new invoices it is working well - thanks.

Off topic

FYI:after the update the custom styles we had set were altered

Have you tried resaving the invoice, if the invoice has been paid I think you’d need to create a negative payment.

Which ‘custom styles’ are you referring to?

“it doesn’t let me create the negative payment for the invoice that was paid and already has a negative balance”

custom styles was for the pdf file.

Hmmm… a workaround could be to add a line item to the invoice so it has a balance, create the negative payment and then remove the line item.

Do you mean your custom design was lost, I’m not sure I understand.

for the design ill open another ticket on next update and give you more details.

I added the item to the invoice
then created the payment for the amount of the discount ($-66.39)
then removed the added item
and now I have the open balance: -0.01

If I add the payment for the amount for ($-66.40)
then it gives me an open balance of 0.01

I’m not sure, this could be a separate issue.

If you create the same invoice from scratch do you see the same problem?

Yes, this appeared the issue for one invoice.
I’ve redone it, now it looks fine.

Thank you for the guidance!

Great to hear, thanks for the update.

Sorry for the trouble!