Only first page of quote/invoice showing on preview and client portal

I am using since 2 weeks and have just upgraded to Pro. i created a test-quote to myself to ensure i do things correctly when i ‘go live’ and send my first quotes/invoices with InvoiceNinja.
My issue is that when i create a quote that no longer fits on 1 page, all pages except the first one are not shown. Not on the preview screen when coding the quote, not on the client portal either. However, when i click “Download”, the PDF does correctly show all pages of the quote. I looked for hints on the forum and InvoiceNinja documentation but cannot find a reason, let alone a fix.
thanks for any assistance on how to fix this.

It’s most likely a browser specific issue. Chrome and Firefox should support showing all pages in the PDF preview, in other browsers you need to download the PDF to view all of the pages.

Hi Hillel, thanks for the swift response. I have tried to use Internet explorer and Edge but both give the same issue. i have not yet tried Chrome or Firefox as i am working from a standard laptop and that does not have these browsers installed. But more importantly, if there is an issues with using Edge Or IE when displaying quotes or invoices correctly, i cannot use the portal as i cannot guarantee that all my clients will use either firefox or chrome. some may use IE/Edge.

One workaround may be to add a message in the portal explaining the need to download the PDF to view all of the pages.

We’re currently working on v2 of the app and plan to change to an HTML based solution.

We have this same issue when viewing them via safari mobile on an iPhone ios 12, although haven’t yet had any customer complaints yet as most view from desktop/laptop.

awaiting V2, i have now added the notice to the portal. thanks!