On orders, net amounts are being doubled, and trying to repurpose supplier/order system


we are planning to kinda repurposing the supplier/order system to provide the option to create commission payouts. Currently, we are not actively using the function as we need to make necessary changes to the templates.

However, during the testing of these changes, we have encountered the following issues:

  1. In the Vendor area and on the “Purchase Invoice” in the Vendor section, the net amounts are being doubled. In our Admin-panale everyhing looks as aspekted. Please refer to the attached screenshots.



  1. I don’t see any way to add tax. The commissions need to be subject to value-added tax when freelancers or business owners receive the payouts.


@david any ideas on the doubled value?

You can enable taxes on Settings > Tax Settings.

Hey @hillel, thanks for the quick reply. Tax options are enabled but will not show up on the order.