Offline payments


Is there any option to add offline payments? I have some clients that pay with bank account by going to the bank and depositing the payment. I want an option which basically if selected, marks the payment as done and optionally gives a space to write the name of the person who made the payment.

Yes, you can manually enter a payment on /payments/create

I want the user to select the option when he/she opens the invoice link. So when the user opens the invoice link, he will be presented with 2 options, paypal or bank account. When he/she selects bank account, the invoice will be marked as paid (or pending to be confirmed by admin would be great) and there could be an option to write the name of the person or company who made the payment.

Ah, I see. You can enter a payment, we don’t support having clients enter manual payments.

It would be a cool feature to have. BTW I just made an update. What is PhantomJs Cloud? Do i have to enable it and get the api? What happens if i don’t?

It’s used to attach the PDF to emails when the invoice isn’t first shown on the screen, if you don’t send too many invoices you should be able to use the default key.

Sorry for not understanding. It generates the html file in a pdf?

It’s used to create the PDF invoice which can optionally be attached to invoice\payment emails.

Now i get it. Thank you.