Notes about the client

I like how this software is laid out you guys are doing a fantastic job. It’s almost like a CRM/accounting software.

I promote the heck out of the software. I also deploy it for my clients. I own a small consulting service that deals with technology on a wide variety scale. I mostly deal with lawyers offices and medical billing services. Most of the clients I have I have them on Invoice Ninja.

My clients would like to see in the near future is more flexibility to be able to store more information about the client that they have on file kind of like a CRM.

One of my clients suggested that in the note taking area. Have it automatically timestamp the new note and have the newest information go to the top regarding the client. Of course this information is never revealed to the public or the client. Do you have a small area for private information, I would like to see that expanded upon. Thank you for your time.


Thanks for the suggestion, feel free to create an issue on GitHub to track the request.

I’ll jump over to github and put my request in over there thank you for getting back to me.

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