Not using color choices in Invoice Design > General Settings

I have already reported this via email only to be told to do what I have already reported as the issue, so I’m turning to you for guidance.

Since the most recent update 5.0.57 no matter what I have in Invoice Design > General Settings, or even go to Client level then Choose Invoice Design > General Settings (which is supposed to override system-wide settings) I still get the same result - a color pair not of my choosing on all generated invoices.

No matter what I have done in the app or via Chrome the PDF generator is still producing the same result. Is it at all possible that your server-side PDF generator program is somehow coded to use these colours???


Have you re-saved the invoice after making the settings change? Without doing that you’ll see a cached version of the invoice.

@david @ben any thoughts?

I’m not able to recreate this either, i Can see one of the designs that uses headers and footers doesn’t change colors, but the other designs do respond to the highlight color changes.

Does changing the client help? Maybe the color is overridden for the client or group.

Hi guys:

I create a new invoice - even with different clients - it always uses colours not of my choosing.
I have used Chrome and Safari and flushed the cache
I have deleted and reinstalled the app on iOS
I have deleted and reinstalled the app on MacOSX

The only way I finally overcame this was to create my own invoice scheme based on a different template to the one I had been using. Because I had tried so many fixes at the Client > Settings level I had to update every client to use the new invoice template because there is NO option to remove a setting - only to choose another template.

That means that is any client has had special settings applied and you wish to revert to the standard Settings should there not be functionality - in the same manner as the “Edit Client” screen with an X to remove a selection or to offer a Reset Client Settings option??

Still love the product and really hope that you guys will go on to make it even better.

You may need to update the backend app, the latest version is v5.3.3.

Thank you but I am a hosted user, not self-hosted. I have always ensured I am updated and am most recently using 5.0.57 - anyway as last message explained by creating my own template I appear to have resolved the issue.

However with the new version and its far wider scope for individuality for clients, there should be an option to apply a setting to a group or to all instead of having to manually visit every client and even then every outstanding invoice. For example, if a user wants to apply an update to a client it should not then be necessary to then have to manually update every outstanding invoice in order to mail out receipts with the updated style or fields etc.

@david any thoughts?