Not receiving notification when someone views invoice

Hi, although I have checked the notification setting for “Email me when an invoice is viewed”, I am not getting those notifications. Does this only go out the first time an invoice has been viewed, or every time? (if only the first, that might explain why I haven’t seen a notification since turning this on)

And on a related note/question: will the invoice detail page only show the first date an invoice has been viewed (if I hover over the little “i” next to the client name), or the last time it was viewed if multiple. It seems to be it should show the most recent view date, but this seems not to be the case, and I am not at all sure that subsequent views of invoices are even recorded anywhere.

I am using 4.4.1 self hosted btw…

I think I just got an answer to this: In both cases, it only happens the FIRST time an invoice is viewed.

It should track/notify the first time the invoice is viewed in a session, to test this feature you’ll want to use incognito mode in the browser.