Not able to edit price of payment since update

Hello all,

I have been using invoice ninja for a couple of months now and I loved it originally. My biggest use of it was tracking payments and expenses which was easy for me to do. Now, when I try to put in a payment that is not attached to an invoice, the app both on computer and phone will not give me the option to put in a price that was payed to me by the customer. The only way I know how to circumvent this is to create an invoice, and then mark it as paid. Most of my work really doesn’t need an invoice as my customers don’t want a receipt and I don’t want to take the time to fill out an invoice since it doesn’t need to be done. I would like to be able to simple say, “X paid me Y amount on this date, for this project” and be able to put it in quickly. This WAS a feature before the last update, but that feature seems to be gone at the moment… unless I changed some settings and didn’t know it. Using version 5.0.85 app version on a MacBook Air M1.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


In the last release we made this an optional feature. You can enable it by making sure “Enable Applying Payments” is checked on Settings > Payment Settings.

That fixed it. I greatly appreciate it!

Glad to hear it, happy to help!