Non-email clients

I have a few customer entries that do NOT have associated email addresses,
however it appears the system is assigning them ramdom emails after a short time such as: and

I would rather not have notices being emailed to random domain addresses, is there a way to stop this behavior?


Thanks for reporting this!

cc @david


In order for the portal to work an email address needs to be assigned to the contact. We use a placeholder @example email address to enable this. The system won’t attempt to email due to the is a blacklisted domain.

I think I understand now. This placeholder email allows a link to the invoice/portal to be created.
As long as it’s not attempting to email out to that fictional email we’re happy.

Is the blacklisted domain list something available in the settings?

Thanks for the explanation!

It’s not available in the settings. And even if it were, you probably don’t want to change this. is a public domain specifically registered (and pointing nowhere) for developers to test. This way you don’t risk anything. Even if the system would send an e-mail it would just bounce (= fail) because no mail servers are configured for that domain.