Non-Billable Expense Client Field

What “client” do you use when you have non-billable expenses? Right now, I am leaving the field blank, but that seems a bit weird and inefficient when reporting. Creating a “client” doesn’t seem right , as it’s for my own company not an actual client. I would think a predefined “self” would already be there for our own business expenses.

So, what does your setup look like?

Same issue in v5. Any ideas yet? Creating myself as my own vendor seems a bit weird.

Not sure the best solution here, is there a specific change you’d like to see us make?

As @jason suggested, a predefined “self” pseudo client would do.

The issue that originally brought me here was: I created an expense and accidentially set a client on it. Now I can change the client to a different client, but I can’t delete it (basically meaning I can’t reattribute the expense back to myself).

While being at it, I just discovered that in Reports selecting “Expense” under Report and “Client” under Group doesn’t yield any useful table.

Maybe, I’m not sure that approach would be clear in the interface.

I think you’ve uncovered a bug, you should be able to clear the expense client. I’ll look into it.

It looks like the problem with the reports only occurs if some of the client values are blank, we’ll make sure it’s corrected as well.

Thanks for the feedback!