No transactions for synced bank account

I’ve successfully added my bank account on the “connect” link however when I refresh, I don’t see any transactions. I have recent transactions and new pending transactions, but nothing is syncing to the list.

Should recent transactions that posted prior to linking show up? How long after transactions have hit pending/posted should I see them?

I also tried adding another account to see if this was a one off, but it did not help. There also does not appear to be a way to disconnect an account. An account can be archived but will show up again on next data refresh. On the Yodlee side if you uncheck all accounts on a provider you cannot save.


@david do you have any suggestions?


This may be easier to debug over email so that I can look up your account without asking for personal information over the forum, please email with Yodlee in the subject.


I appreciate it.


I’m seeing the same issue just opened my enterprise account and setting up bank info and no previous transaction are syncing.

It did not sync historical but I did see transactions start to post 24-48hr after hitting the account.

right after posting this it synced back roughly 30 days and synced accounts not marked to auto-sync.

If you click on Refresh Accounts, this will perform a manual sync across all accounts, including those that are not set to auto-sync.

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