"no such payment_intent" migrating from stripe on v4 to v5

See description. Migrated to v5, “activated” domain, and updated strip webhook URL. Looked like secret key was all the same, but now we’re receiving this error when trying to place test purchases. Any ideas what I’m missing?

Well, I tried to re-connect my InvoiceNinja to Stripe and apparently this new “stripe connect” is different than whatever was in v4. The super annoying part is that now I have two different “companies” in stripe and all my transactions are being separated into these two different companies. This is extremely confusing – is this an invoiceninja issue or a stripe issue? Do I have to re-setup all my business information in Stripe? This wasn’t at all clear when just trying to update the settings that it would start this process.

@david are you able help


Hi Jordan,

When you went through the Stripe Connect workflow, did you reconnect your existing account or did you create a new one?

It sounds like a different account has been connected if the system isn’t seeing existing customers / payment methods. I would reach out to Stripe direct and enquire. Stripe will advise the exact account number to connect, if you send us an email to contact@invoiceninja.com we can ensure the correct one is connected for you.

I wasn’t given the option of connecting to an existing account, there was only one workflow and it (apparently) made the new account. Possibly I missed it though? Didn’t think to take screenshots since I assumed I was just connecting my existing account. The odd thing about this “new” account is that it has most (but not all) of my account information. Same bank account, same company information, etc. I’ve contacted stripe support but had to step into a meeting and haven’t followed up since then.


This may happen if your Stripe login email and your Invoice Ninja email are different?

They’re not. In fact, when I login I see both accounts now and the money is going into this other weird pseudo account. They’re definitely under the same email. Stripe support says it’s a “stripe connect” account versus the previous regular stripe account we had. Here’s a screenshot:

So we are seeing this when users are creating a new account when connecting and not selecting their existing account. We need to disconnect the current connection and then go through the stripe connect process again linking the correct account.

send us an email contact@invoiceninja.com and we can step you through the process.