No Stripe payment gateway option?

I’m using IN 4.5.17 self hosted.
I want to now add the Stripe payment gateway however Stripe is not shown as an option.
I found this topic: Add stripe
I did have Paypal Express as a payment gateway, but have deleted this gateway.
We have two options:
1.) Bank Transfer
2.) GoCardless

How can we add the Stripe payment gateway to our payment options?

To add Stripe you need to make sure to delete any other credit card gateways


As per my original post, but just to confirm.

We ONLY have two payment gateways enabled.
1.) Bank Transfer
2.) GoCardless

We DID have Paypal Express enabled, but have deleted that gateway.

With this payment gateway environment configuration we do not have Stripe displayed as a selectable option.

Do you have any other ideas as to why this might be the case?

The bank transfer gateway is probably counting as a credit card gateway

OK, I’ll remove the Bank Transfer gateway to test, and report back.
Ideally we would want to maintain the option to pay by bank transfer as it free for us and the customer.

Hi @hillel,

Removed Bank Transfer as an option, but still no option to add Stripe…

The obvious next try is to remove GoCardless, but we have to have GoCardless as we have customers who pay using this method and for our repeating monthly and annual services it’s a must.
Most people here in the UK like Direct Debit to pay for repeating services.

Any other ideas?

Maybe add another company?

In v5 we’ve enabled adding as many gateways as you’d like but GoCardless isn’t yet supported.

Hi @hillel ,

I added a new ‘test’ company.

I was able to add Stripe as the main and only payment gateway. This however meant I was then not able to add GoCardless (Gocardless is then not even displayed as an option).

I removed Stripe and then added Gocardless. But was then not able to add Stripe, it wasn’t even displayed as an option.

Why is it not possible to add these two payment gateway options in a single company installation?

Is this a bug or some weird intended operation for InNin?


It’s just a limitation in v4, the app only supports one credit card gateway which GoCardless is treated as. This has been corrected in v5.

Hi @hillel,

Thanks for the quick replay. That explains the issue we’ve been having then.
So has GoCardless now been added as a gateway in V5?

Not yet, v5 supports multiple gateways but GoCardless hasn’t been implemented

Hi @hillel,

Is there a good way to check when GoCardless has been implemented?
At that point we would be ready to migrate to v5.

Thanks for the prompt and helpful responses.

Not currently but we may create issues in GitHub at some point which you could subscribe to