No Spell Check might be the end of us!

I’ve asked before and I’ve seen others asking the same, but when do you plan on getting spell check!? It seems like such a basic tool to have - especially on v5. Does invoice ninja have any intentions of including a spell check? I love the user friendly system of Invoice Ninja, however, this is literally the one reason I am starting my search for another system. :frowning:


The framework we’re using for all v5 apps (ie. web, mobile and desktop) doesn’t currently support spell check. We’re currently building a new v5 web app which will support it but won’t be available on the hosted platform for a few months.

Ok. Thanks for the 411.

Is there a time frame for this to happen?

Hopefully a few months

Hello there! Any update on the spell check for invoice ninja?! Are we getting closer?!

We’re definitely getting closer… we hope to have a beta available soon but aren’t able to provide an ETA.

Hi Hillel. It looks like there is a spell check since the last update - but I’m not able to access it. Is it only for paid plans?


We’ve released a new web app (with support for spell check) but it’s initially only available to selfhosted users.