No longer pay for pro plan with paypal?

Been with invoice ninja for a few years now. For some reason, this month (2nd or 3rd month on v5), my plan did not auto-renew via paypal and really prefer it as it is a form of seperation from other business bills I have. I can also no longer pay via paypal as an option for invoiceninja, my payment gateway for customers seems to be fine. Not being able to pay via paypal is one thing, but not auto-renewing caused me to be unable to do a number of things due to free plan limitations until I caught what had happened and now I have to correct a couple of minor annoyances like re-upload logo etc…

  1. Is there any issue with payment via paypal for the host plans? Will it be an option still going forward?
  2. WIll I still be able to auto-renew everymonth via paypal?

Hi @Ss3trnks2

Send an email to us directly and we can investigate