No kanban board on selfhosted task section?


I can’t find the kanban board on my selfhosted invoice ninja platform, V5.

Am I missing something or is the kanban board only dedicated for the ninja hosted plans?

can’t find the differ here…




The selfhost app has all of the hosted app features.

There is a kanban button at the top of the tasks table.

Thnx, but it doesn’t work, not on a Mac, not on PC nor on an iPad. It does work on a demo on

Invoice system is still in setup, can I send you logins to check? kanban page is blanco…

When you say blank is it grey? It may help if you can post a screenshot.

Also, are there any errors in the browser console?

Hereby some screenshots of my backend…

crone issue

Are there any errors in the browser console?

Also, does it help to create a task status on Settings > Task Settings > Configure Statuses

yeah there is a exclamation mark left under the page, saying the cron isn’t activated yet, in my thoughts this should not be the cause of the issue =)

Correct, these are separate issues.

Are there any task statues configured?

not that i’m aware of, sorry first time i use Ninja, sure i’ll use it for many new customers, initial learning now…

If you scroll down further there is an option to configure the statuses.

You can also reach the page by clicking the settings icon in the bottom left corner of the kanban page.

Thnx! works now! thnx for the very fast and dedicated reply’s!

I think it’s strange tasks can only have time as record, it would be logical if tasks also can have products and fixed prices. Not many selfemployed men will work in time records, more men will put products and fixed prices as tasks. Was the same remark as this in a precious comment in this forum? I think it needs an possible option in the system.


Sorry, not sure I understand.

You can invoice as a task and then also add products, is that what you mean?

Indeed, invoice products instead of time. Most work is registrated as fixed product not as recorded time in Belgium.