No invoice table in preview

Hello, I’m quite new to Invoice Ninja and try to adjust the column size on the invoice. My problem is, that the preview only shows the pdf or hmtl view, but the table is missing completly. Im using the bold template. So it is very hard to do customize it.

Thanks for you help!


I suggest checking the invoice being used in the preview has line items.

Hello hillel,

sorry, I don’t understand your reply. I’m using the bold template and when i create an invoice it looks like this:


But i want to adjust the columns, but in the design preview, the table will not be displayed.


The preview is using invoice 0029, does that invoice have products added to it?

I do not have an invoice 0029. How can i change the preview to use another invoice?

I don’t think that’s supported, is it possible the invoice is deleted or archived?

I checked the archive and deleted invoices. There are only test invoices created by me and none of them has the number 0029. I manually assigned this number to an invoice, but this also does not help.

Hmm… if the invoice already exists I wouldn’t expect you to be able to update another invoice to use the same number.

  • Does a client exist in the company with the email

  • Try searching for the invoice number on the dashboard, it bypasses all filters.

I cant find any invoice for 0029 and also the mail adress is not used by me.

@david do you have any suggestions?

In my tests I see the first invoice in the company being used in the preview.

The preview uses a mixture of data to improve performance. We have a mock dataset, however the product table itself is typically the first invoice in the app. It sounds like this may not have any line items?

Ok, i figured it out. I restored my first invoice which was deleted and now it works. So the data is gathered with the first invoice but also testdata is displayed. Thanks for your help!