No Google Pay/Apple Pay option with Stripe integration

Hi, im testing the Stripe integration and when trying to use the Google Pay/Apple Pay method there is no option to pay with those wallets.

This is what I get with Chrome in a PC:

In Android the is the same.

Both Apple Pay and Google Pay are enabled in Stripe and Link is disabled. This happens in testing mode and production. The application is detecting that some card is avalaible in the browser because if I try it with another browser the “No card found” error appears.

Thanks in advance.

Is there any message in the browser console when you go to this page?

Also, have you tried testing with an apple device?

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This is the warnings in the console:

I have no Apple device, sorry.

Based on my experience with online shops that I’ve set up using Stripe, I’ve noticed that the payment options displayed vary depending on the wallets you have set up and their validity. For instance, if you have a valid Google Pay wallet, it will show as an option at checkout. Similarly, if you have Apple Pay set up and it’s valid, Apple Pay will be displayed as a payment option. However, if you don’t have either of these wallets set up, the option to “pay with link” will be shown. Overall, I believe everything appears to be working correctly.

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I also noticed that but I have Google Pay set up in Android and Chrome. I have actually tested Stripe with the Payment Link option (nothing to do with InvoiceNinja) and I could easily pay with Google Pay in the same devices.

About the “pay with link” option, I understand that is the fallback option but is disabled in the Stripe dashboard. :man_shrugging: