no gateway fees in selfhosted version 3.3


I’ve got this line : “texts.payment_settings_supported_gateways” instead of a Gateway Fees line on my 3.3 self hosted.


I’m not sure, can you replicate the problem?

yes, even after reconnect and cleaning the browser cache. Still the same issue, no Gateway fees only this line

I’m not sure.

Can you post a screenshot or email it to

I have this same problem. I am using your website and have settings set to add gateway fee’s to invoice. Just sent out 4 invoices, first one came back paid and the fee’s were not added.

I think the problem here is the fees need to be configured, we aren’t able to programmatically determine the fees for each gateway.

On Settings > Online Payments under the ‘Action’ column you can click ‘Select’ and then ‘Edit limits/fees’.